The Challenge International du Vin
A competition that reveals talent!


The Challenge International du Vin is organised in the form of a blind tasting and is open to all wines and spirits made from grapes around the world (in bulk or bottled), regardless of the vintage. As a pioneer of international competitions in France, it is one of the most renowned competitions in the world. Its professionalism and know-how are recognised by the producers and tasters taking part.
What sets it apart: each tasting panel is composed of 4 members: a technician, a producer, a distributor and an informed consumer. Winning wines and spirits are thus a reflection of consumer tastes. The Challenge International du Vin award is highly appreciated by professional buyers both in France and abroad, and it also serves as a benchmark for end consumers.
Each year, a country, wine region or type of wine is honoured, thus revealing new talents.


The keys of success

A highly reputed award

The Challenge International du Vin is internationally renowned and embodies
a recognition from Bordeaux,  which is always a global reference.

Competition organised by
the C.D.V. Association (Concours Des Vins)


The C.D.V. (Concours Des Vins) was created in 1976 in a bid to promote foreign wines both in France and abroad through the organisation of wine and spirits competitions.
It was the forerunner of the Challenge International du Vin, which first took place in 1977.
With its decades of experience, Concours Des Vins aims to promote the work of wine producers around the world. This is a way for producers to measure their position against the competition. By winning a medal, it also provides consumers with a purchasing benchmark.
Through its competition, the C.D.V. aims to bridge the gap between producers and consumers.

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