Competing wines and spirits are judged by the entire wine chain, from producers to well-informed consumers.

Each tasting panel is made up of four people with different but complementary profiles, covering the entire chain from product development to consumption:

– a Producer (winegrower, cellarmaster, vineyard manager, etc.)

– a Technician (oenologist, viticulture and winemaking teacher, etc.)

– a Distributor (broker, negociant, sommelier, wine shop owner, etc.)

– a Buyer (well-informed consumer with proven tasting skills, member of a wine club, etc.)

Tasting is done blind. The anonymity of each bottle is preserved thanks to neutral packaging and corks, which allows for impartial judgement. Up to 20 nationalities of jurors are present each year. This subtle mix of wine enthusiasts and professional tasters makes it possible to establish a selection of quality wines that are representative of the tastes of today’s consumers.


For any further information, please make contact with Challenge International du Vin on +33 (0)5 57 68 25 66 or at info@challengeduvin.com


Taster registrations for the 2024 competition are open from 22 January to 23 February 2024!

REMINDER: the Challenge International du Vin is a professional event. Your registration commits you to producers and the organization. This is why we would be grateful if you would inform us as soon as possible of your withdrawal by phone or email. With so many registration requests, it also allows us to satisfy more of you.


We are looking forward to seeing you again !