The competition is open to all wines (white, rosé, red), whether still, sparkling, sweet or fortified and all spirits in the world,  MADE FROM GRAPES, regardless of the vintage, or whether in bulk or bottles.

Any vintage may compete in the same edition.

There is no limit to the number of samples presented.

 4 BOTTLES of 0.75 liter or 6 BOTTLES if ≤ 0.50 liter by registered sample.
– Except for spirits2 BOTTLES whatever the container of the registered sample.
Please affix final commercial labels on all samples.

Yes, this is possible, whether or not it has won a medal.

The rules can be found here:


You must provide an official analysis result which is less than one year old, as well as your declaration of claim if you have a PDO or GI status. In other cases, provide any document proving the origin of your wine (self-certified statement if you do not have any of the documents mentioned). For wines produced from organically-grown grapes, a certificate or document of proof must be attached.

It must be less than one year old and specify:

– the actual and potential alcohol content by volume at 20°C, expressed in % by vol.,
– sugars (glucose + fructose), expressed in g/L
– total acidity, expressed in mEq/L,
– volatile acidity, expressed in mEq/L,
– total sulphur dioxide or total dioxyde of sulphur expressed in mg/L,
– sparkling wines: excess pressure due to carbon dioxide, expressed in bar,
– semi-sparkling wines: CO2 expressed in g/L.

It is not necessary to provide an analysis report for spirits.

This is possible if no payment has been made. The data will be saved if you complete the fields up to step 6 (Shopcart Summary) for each sample.

You can pay by credit card, bank transfer or cheque.

As the Challenge International du Vin is a French competition, it is subject to the directives of the DGCCRF (General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control), which imposes a maximum of one third of medals for the number of samples presented, guaranteeing the quality of the award.

The list of winners is available on our website 1 week after the competition. Each participant will also receive an email from the organisation with the results of the wines presented.

Orders for medals are processed on receipt of the bank transfer, cheque or credit card payment and sent by Colissimo within 3 working days (except in special cases). Delivery times may vary depending on the shipping address.

    calculATE DELIVERY TIME    

You can pay by credit card, bank transfer or cheque.

Yes, as an exception. You may order it here. Your printer must submit a print order to us.

Each tasting panel is composed of 4 tasters representing the winemaking chain “from producers to consumers”: 1 winegrower, 1 oenologist, 1 distributor and 1 discerning consumer. The award-winning wines will suit the tastes of end consumers as much as possible while receiving the endorsement of the profession.

This is an image of your wine tasting notes. Organoleptic criteria are shown in the form of a polar graph. It is available free of charge in your producer area and includes all the wines tasted, whether or not they have won a medal.