ISO 9001 Certified :
In 2009, the CDV received ISO 9001 version 2008 certification for its Challenge International du Vin competition
This certification is part of a long-standing qualitative approach. The Challenge International du Vin is now able to reap the rewards of the thorough and professional methods put into place over its past thirty-four years of existence.
From the way the samples are handled to managing the tasters by way of internal organization, the CDV has made the Challenge International du Vin a point of reference in terms of quality in the world of competitions.

The quality manual describes the actions and indicators put into place at each stage of the competition.
For example, the stages mentioned below are thoroughly checked by the processes described in the quality manual.

Sample handling
Each product is given an identification number according to its type (country, appellation, colour). The wine is then assigned to a jury covering a dozen wines of the same type. At least 3 samples of the same type are required for a wine to be accepted in the competition.

The tasting’s performance

On the days of the competition, the tasters are placed in partitioned rooms under the supervision of three commissioners in each room who ensure that the tasting is performed properly.
Tasting is " blind ". Each bottle is made anonymous by a neutral presentation and cork, thus guaranteeing the absolute impartiality of the tasters' judgment.
2 series of a dozen wines (carefully classified by country, appellation, colour and vintage) are submitted to the attentive palates of the tasters, with a break between the two.
The tasting score sheets for the wines are precise and specific: limpidity, intensity, general harmony, and so on.
These criteria combined with the stringent tasting conditions ensure the selection at the end of the day of outstanding wines.

Compiling the results
The tasting forms are tabulated by computerized optical reading.
This system provides excellent responsiveness and produces results on the same day; it also avoids any errors associated with hand tabulation.

The number of winning wines
The DGCCRF (General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control) limits awards to 30% of the total samples. The commitment of the Challenge in a quality initiative comes true in particular by the medals’ percentage attributed which is around 25%.

Quality control procedure for award-winning wines
The Challenge International du Vin's role does not stop with giving medals. Award-winning wines also undergo laboratory analysis. This is a simple, efficient way to check that the wine's characteristics correspond to the entire production.

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