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Set up in 1976, Challenge International du Vin is organised by the CDV (Concours Des Vins - an association in compliance with the law of 1901) located at Bourg, near Bordeaux (France).
Its mission is to select and promote the best wines from around the world.
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2017  : Important Deadlines

The contest 21 & 22 April 2017
Registration Opening Date Beginning of November 2016
Registration Closing Date 20 February 2017
Reception of Samples Closing Date   24 February 2017
Tasters registration from 31 January to 10 March 2017
Results on line 28 April 2017


Challenge International du Vin

A competition which reveals new talents !

The Challenge International du Vin is a competition organised in the form of tasting. It is open to all wines and wine-based spirits, ready for marketing (bottled), regardless of vintage.
The competition was awarded approval by the European Community in 1986 and is governed by the rules of the "International Code of Oenological Practices for Vines and Wines".
The Challenge International du Vin has been ISO 9001 version 2008 certified since 2009.
Each spring, more than 4,000 wines from 37 countries are tasted by some 700 wine professionals and expert wine-loving consumers.

It is one of the biggest French international wines competition and one of the most famous wine event in the world thanks to numerous assets :

EXPERIENCE : over 40 years in existence. France's very first international competition.

SHEER VOLUME : over 4,000 samples tasted at each edition.

DIVERSITY : All types of wine products are included: red, white, rosé, sparkling, sweet, dessert wines, wine-based spirits, etc.

INTERNATIONAL DIMENSION : Over 37 countries represented each year.

RESULTS REFLECTING CONSUMER TASTES : A subtle blend of amateur and professional tasters enabling to select premium wines representative of consumer tastes.

A REPUTABLE MEDAL : Of worldwide renown, the Challenge medal symbolizes an international recognition coming from the Bordeaux region.

PROMOTIONAL ACTIONS : In addition to its PR actions that have been developed over the years, the Challenge International du Vin also devotes part of its budget to marketing events for the promotion of the award winners ; press announcements, mail shots, partnerships… Everything is done to further the reputation of the wines of the world.


 Challenge du vin 2017

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Each spring, more than 5,000 wines from 37 countries are tasted over two days in Bordeaux - France by some 700 wine professionals and expert wine-loving consumers.

The Challenge International du Vin is the longest running major international wine competition.

It is also the largest international wine competition held in France and certified to ISO 9001 (version 2008), a certification which testifies to its established high-quality approach and the application of rigorous technical standards to its organization.

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